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Come Join the Fun


Membership in PSC shall be extended to persons who are dedicated to the preservation of The Carolina Shag and the music associated with it and who conduct themselves with appropriate social demeanor. It is necessary for all existing and new members to complete a membership form to ensure the accuracy for our member roster. 

Benefits of Full Membership

  •  4 Regular Parties with free entrance at the The Barn. These parties include great DJ’s, wonderful decorations, club sponsored food, an open bar and the best of all…. All of your PSC Friends 

  • Long Island Ice Tea and White Russian Party at Spring SOS

  • A beach party with adult beverages at Fall SOS 

  • DJ Marathon that includes great DJ’s and club sponsored food 

  • Club sponsored New Year’s Eve Party  

  • Bi-monthly Palmetto Shag Club Newsletters to keep you informed about upcoming events and other items of interest in the Shag World. 

  • Weekly PSC Shag Notes email which provides you real time information about Shag opportunities available. 

  • $5 discount on SOS Cards each year. 

  • Club sponsored Weekend Park and Party - SOUTHERN COMFORT 

Want to mail Full Membership and check, then click HERE!

Want to join Palmetto Shag Club now and pay online click HERE!






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